Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Open Heart Fair Traders

I am excited and honored to announce the official launch of a wonderful new on-line Fair Trade business called, Open Heart Fair Traders 'fine jewelry & gifts of hope' - www.openheartfairtraders.com. 

Kiera Gordon, founder and family friend, works with cooperatives from around the globe who are lifting themselves out of poverty through fair trade commerce.

Their mission is to improve the economic and social standing of vulnerable populations of the world by creating self-sustainable employment that reinforces local economies through fair trade. All of their products are acquired through fair trade, made by local and international cooperatives effected by poverty.  They use recycled materials in packaging and business materials whenever possible.  A portion of sales goes to non-profit organizations that promote gender equality for girls and women, including Maiti Nepal.

Its a great gift source and the a wonderful way to reach out!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kid friendly nofo

Thought I would post some of my favorite kid friendly hot spots for dining out here. It's always an adventure for those of us who travel with young ones. Here are some places your toddler can throw a tantrum at and you wont get the evil eyes, and where you can change the babies diaper in an actual changing station rather than on your lap.

North Fork Oyster Company -  Greenport - They give you crayons at the door and have a changing station in the bathroom. The food is delicious and they have outdoor dining.

Legends - New Suffolk - A nice loud setting perfect for covering up any tantrums and the food is great. Nice bar too. New Suffolk is a beautiful place to drive through.

Noahs - Greenport - Great small plates and some outdoor seating. No highchairs but ok for kids.

Love lane Kitchen - Mattituck - Wonderful lunch place. Great for kids. Outdoor seating and amazing ice coffee and steak frites :)

Hellenic Snack Bar - East Marion - Great greek food, outdoor seating, best lemonade.

Vine Wine Bar - Greenport - Delicious food and great brunch. No highchairs but outdoor seating and kid friendly. Ping pong on sundays and some live music.

D'Latte - Greenport - They have awesome sandwiches, and really great sushi. They don't have highchairs but love children. Dont forget to taste the homemade gelato.

Bruce's Cheese Emporium - Greenport - great place for brunch and picking up cheese for the road. They will be serving dinners soon. Some outdoor seating.

La Capricciosa Brick Oven Pizza - Greenport - Love their pizza and cheap but awesome italian food in the restaurant in the back. They are great with kids.

Crabby Jerrys - Greenport - On the water, good fried seafood and loud fun atmosphere. Across the water from Claudios.

Chowder Pot Pub - Greenport - Outdoor dining near the water. Sometimes they have live music. Fun atmosphere.

North Fork Oyster Company

Crabby Jerrys



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

more pillow obsession

I love these pillows from abc home. Meditation pillows and regular sized ones. I think a nice mix of their colors is really pretty and soft.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We just went on a boat trip today and it was wonderful. The water is just a magical place to be on. It makes me feel like I'm on a mini-vacation. Just nice to be away from all the fuss of it all, everything looks so different when your floating away. Thats why this home caught my eye. How fun would this be?

"Built on the icy waters of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada, is the Floating House. Made entirely of wood - as a continuation of the deck that connects to the nearby cliff - the residence floats on a steel frame sized to guarantee stability in the different water levels."

cereal brilliance!

I love this cereal bowl!!! I am always eating soggy cereal...no more though! Ingenious!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

kids stuff

Wow this baby/kids stuff is so amazing from Little Vintage. Everything is in french though, so I'm not sure how to purchase! argh..I bet if you call you can find a way... it's fun to look anyhow. Im in love with the wicker designs for the bassinets, and I love that so many of them are on wheels! Brilliant, only way I was able to get a shower back then was wheelin those babies into the bathroom. Now they just hop on in with me :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dude is my new favorite word. It's perfect for me when im really frustrated and I need to vent but cant curse around the kids. Makes me feel 18 again. I say it all the time now. Its a bit ridiculous. I said it to my dermatologist the other day - it was totally inappropriate, but it felt great.

Try it for a day - you'll thank me.

lovin the peonies lately!!!

Alexander Ebert, "Truth"

I'm diggin this song. Makes me feel far far away, on vacation somewhere...and im geting lots of sleep there.

just cause

Back from being sick yet again. These rooms make me feel better about it :) via piaulin

plants, oriental rugs, and metal doors-done

its all about the red blanket