Saturday, December 24, 2011

Julian Grey

What a wonderful season it has been. I want to welcome my nephew Julian Grey to our family and a huge congrats to Deb and Brien - his new amazing parents. We are all so excited he is here.

Also just wanted to share a few holiday pictures ... Happy Holidays Everyone :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

cold shores

Just some pictures of the kids playing at the beach which is fun even at winter time. These seagulls are our new fav friends. There are tons of them and they love anything from stale fritos left in the car to english muffins. We also found some nice treasures hiding in the sand, perfect for homemade holiday gifts. Thinkin rock snowmen and driftwood miniboats this year.

cozy cozy

Sometimes I wish I could get rid of all the tons of stuff we have and simplify everything, move out to the woods and live in a place like this. So unrealistic for a family with two babes but so nice to fantasize :) I love this time of year when the air has that brisk freshness about it and you feel invigorated and excited for the first snow storms and holiday bonanzas.
via thesensesfive

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

holiday buzz

This town is so darn cute around the holidays. We saw the tree lighting in Greenport, listened to carolers and saw a surprise santa drive up in a firetruck recently. Each town has it's own lighting and santa treat. There are also all sorts of concerts and activities, you could never get bored. Come gloomy February I will most definitely miss all the action, so we are soaking it up.

Gonna make some fruitcake with Grammy today and check out if ice skating is starting soon. If only the rain would turn to snow...I think we are ready :)

Cutchogue tree lighting (via patch)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lovely decor - Terrain

I bought these dried cotton stems and they are so wintery and perfect in a glass vase. So happy to replace my squirrel tails which are quite out of date. Bring on the winter - I guess. The rest of this site is beautiful as well-lovely gifts.

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

Well the busy season has started and there's lots to post its time northforknonsense got back into it! Dont you think?? I love this new song and band. Happy music is whats its all about. Cute video too.