Friday, May 20, 2011

unique baby gifts

via smallable

via smallable
This is the cutest snail I have ever seen. Oh I used to love these jumping frogs, simple fun. What a cute baby toy this is. They come in a few different fabrics and play very unique lullabies. Being a Beatles fan, I would go for the "Hey Jude" ukulele.
via smallable

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new lonny!

Attention new lonny here! Looking lovely as usual...some good ideas.

lovin this tile and decorative trim

this hallway feels so light and the feel of not too much furniture taking over

Living etc

I am so excited I subscribed to Livingetc magazine, a homes magazine for modern living from Britain. I can't wait to get a design magazine in the mail again. I miss the days when Domino would show up on my doorstep and I would spend the week savoring each article.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

alcove beds

I love these alcove beds. I have always wanted a snug little place to sleep. For all us scaredy cats, sleeping in a big open space leaves too much to the imagination at night. I think that's why kids always love to play with cardboard boxes. Perfect little safe hideouts. (via remodelista)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yay spring is finally here and it is beautiful out. The cherry blossoms have exploded on our street and it is a site to see. Soon the wind will take them and we will be left with pink petal sidewalks everywhere....

The farm stands are opening and there is fresh asparagus and potatoes..not to mention Wickhams dynamite donuts. We picked them up warm this morning along with honey sticks for the kids....seriously, does it get any better than that!?!

ahhh jam and pie there is!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new projects

So we are in the beginning stages of 2 new projects at out house. The first one is redoing our spiral staircase to the loft. It is a total death trap. The problem is, the space is really small to build a normal staircase and we weren't sure if it could be done. So we called my in-laws architect, Paul Rousselle who did their amazing house in stowe vermont and who is also responsible for the incredible HGTV Stowe dream home. He was able to calculate (in 10 minutes) that it is totally possible to build a safe staircase for everyone, and as as bonus we are going to use the space underneath the stairs as a kids secret hideout! I am so excited. This is our first renovation to the house, since it was remodeled before we got here. Paul was so easy to work with I can't wait for more my dream kitchen blowout! I will keep you updated on the progress....

Our other project is redoing the backyard. As of now it is a gravel either my son is eating the rocks off of it of Lea is scraping her knees on it. We are going to sod the back and blacktop the front. One big open play area...happy kids happy parents. (pictures to come).

HGTV home

in-laws home in vermont

stairs of doom!

blowout kitchen inspiration

The Beatles - I'm so tired

 So this song pretty much explains how I am feeling today. We have all been in and out of sickness for the past 5 months and it's getting a bit old being so freakin tired all the time!