Thursday, January 27, 2011

big city here we come!

I'm going into the city this weekend and I had to mention the great deal I found on VRBO. I looked at this site before for rentals in Vermont but never in the city. I found a 1 bedroom apartment for 150 a night on 11th street! Every time I go into the city it is so hard because i either end up kicking my sisters husband out for the weekend and sleeping with 3 people in a bed at her place (no offense deb), or spending 450 a night at a ridiculous hotel and having the baby sleep in the bathroom because the room itself is smaller than my closet!

i can not believe i did not find this before....actually i should not say that until i see the place, but i have a good feeling it will turn out ok.

I also noticed how they have really good deals on staying out here on the north fork! The hotels here are not cheap either and usually book up quickly. This is a great alternative.

Wish us luck!

too much snow makes ya want to shop!

These are a few items i have had my eye on since there is nothing to do today but eat snow again! I can't stay away from the stripes and I just love these pottery sconces!

haus interior

haus interior

plate- haus interior

haus interior


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

north fork moms!

"Next week, North Fork Patch will launch a new series of features for the moms in town, including roadmaps to the best deals for families, profiles of the whiz kids who make the community proud and a weekly question-and-answer session about the important parenting issues facing the region. Part of that includes assembling the first-ever North Fork Patch Moms Council, an advisory board that will work with the editors of this site to keep us on top of the latest family related issues and happenings on the North Fork."

Just wanted to mention this great new opportunity from North Fork Patch for any north fork moms reading this site...

Check out the full article on North Fork Patch if you want to get more involved in our community.

cushion fetish

While viewing Lonny magazine I came across this beautiful nyc apartment that I had to post about. A while ago I was obsessed with finding these tufted floor mattresses, that you see in the first picture, and never got them because the only place I could find them was on parma lilac, which is in england and costs way too much to ship over here. Lonny says its from Calypso but I cant find it on the site. It may be you have to go to the store. I just love them though in a den or loft setting. They keep the room very open and spacious, and you can keep a stylish vibe around them with more formal furniture. Once I had kids I realized life would be much easier and more fun if the whole room was like one big bed (And also that you can never have too many blankets and bags)!! We would have a lot less bruises too.

Well i did a bit of searching and found this on John Robshaw. I wish they were plain ones as well but they still look great piled up on each other. They could also be a lot of fun in a kids room.

I also really like his low shelving. It could work well housing accessible toys and books.

In the picture of the bedroom i just love the soft linens and leather butterfly chair (says from urban outfitters but I cant find it).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yelle - Ce Jeu

Wish I knew what they were saying...but still can't help dancing in my seat a bit :) (via chance) The name of the band was originally an acronym for "You Enjoy Life", and can't you tell!?


I saw this bench on etsy a few months ago and feel in love. It can be indoors or outdoors and its actually really great for kids cause it contains them...well for maybe 10 minutes or so but thats not bad. A bench is also a great way to make a table a little more informal and comfortable. It arrived in 2 weeks and I had no issues with the seller. He also has other really great stuff on his site. I just think etsy is so amazing. You can find anything on there! And in my experience the quality of the products are exceptional and the people go out of their way to impress.

bench in my house


I was away this weekend on an amazing retreat in Connecticut at the Incarnation Center. I recommend this place to anyone looking to have a retreat or family get-together etc. Really basic but well kept lodge and rooms, great fireplace and beautiful grounds. And it was filled with all sorts of strange animals you would never expect to see out in the woods in the middle of winter. So crazy to see this peacock up in a tree! I never knew peacocks could fly!


Incarnation center

check out peacock in the tree


ferry ride home

Friday, January 21, 2011

knotted dreams

Rugs rugs rugs and more rugs. When we first bought this house all I could think about was rugs. At first we went to the lovely abc carpet and home which you really can't beat but we had a hard time accepting the fact that the rugs we loved were 4000 bucks. Luckily this amazing rug store, knotted dreams, moved into Greenport just in time. Sean, owner and my friend, has an amazing selection of incredible rugs for incredible prices. Rugs you know you would find at abc or john derian, my other favorite shop in the city. Old, new, what have you...there is so much to choose from and its just a lovely store to be in. I have filled my house with his rugs and they feel like they have been here forever.

john derian

john derian

Thursday, January 20, 2011

sleeping farms

Today I was really missing all those beautiful farm stands out here. I miss the fresh veggies and fruits and honeys and flowers. Driving up and getting hot corn on the cob, or just taking home a bucket of apples or a brown bag of strawberries picked fresh.
Oh yum, Oh well.....have to feast on clementines and snow for now :) The trees did look gorgeous today. They hold their own in the winter.

i just love the color of this door

kids stuff

Made by Joel is an awesome site for really simple, creative crafts for kids. I think what I like best about it is how he uses everyday items from the house for his projects. This cereal box marble run, made with a cheerio box, is one of my favs. It's definitely worth a look at his site if you are at home a lot with the kids and looking for new fun things to do all the time. And if you are getting tired of running to the toy store for a quick fix every time nothing seems to keep them happy, even Yo Gabba Gabba :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh the swedes

I've seen this post on a couple of blogs now ( a cup of jo and design scouting) and it's obvious why...this apartment is just fantastic. Even though it has so much white in it, it still maintains the high level of comfort. I think it's because of the neutral colors and warm fabrics. It has a lot of different lighting sources which for me, always makes things cozy. I love all the task lamps. Also the natural light, the high ceilings, and the topiary bring in the outdoors and keep it very open and earthy. I love the reading makes the room.

Monday, January 17, 2011

cabin feva!!

I need a new project...either I get into the Jets or I pick another room to redecorate.  I've almost mastered Landslide on the guitar,  made a bird feeder out of a milk carton (pretty cool project actually) and played with snow in tupperware for 3 days. But even though we are going a bit stir crazy (lea painted the cat with A & D cream today), i found some inspiration just taking a different look at the everyday items i have in the house....

my most inspiring image of all xo