Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new projects

So we are in the beginning stages of 2 new projects at out house. The first one is redoing our spiral staircase to the loft. It is a total death trap. The problem is, the space is really small to build a normal staircase and we weren't sure if it could be done. So we called my in-laws architect, Paul Rousselle who did their amazing house in stowe vermont and who is also responsible for the incredible HGTV Stowe dream home. He was able to calculate (in 10 minutes) that it is totally possible to build a safe staircase for everyone, and as as bonus we are going to use the space underneath the stairs as a kids secret hideout! I am so excited. This is our first renovation to the house, since it was remodeled before we got here. Paul was so easy to work with I can't wait for more projects...like my dream kitchen blowout! I will keep you updated on the progress....

Our other project is redoing the backyard. As of now it is a gravel driveway....so either my son is eating the rocks off of it of Lea is scraping her knees on it. We are going to sod the back and blacktop the front. One big open play area...happy kids happy parents. (pictures to come).

HGTV home

in-laws home in vermont

stairs of doom!

blowout kitchen inspiration

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Lisa said...

How fun! And what a relief not to worry about those little ones going up and down.