Wednesday, March 30, 2011

couch dilemma

I think buying a couch is a huge decision in decorating a room because, you usually end up decorating around it since it's the biggest item in the room and the most used. I personally don't really like the look of a couch. They always seem really heavy and hog the pretty space i'd like to fill with less practical things like accessories :) However, I do love lying down, so I got a couch. I think the trick to preventing the couch from dominating a room is keeping it simple and neutral. If possible, light yet inviting. Like a feather pillow. And then there is comfort. Depth is always the kicker for me. It has to be deep enough for two people to lie comfortably next to each other (without taking out the pillows) and for me to sit indian style on it without my feel hangin off. It's so fun to play with pillows and throws and wall colors and pictures. I hate it when the couch limits my creativity with the good stuff. In my mind there is nothing more soothing then a dark blue painted room, with a simple linen couch and maybe a nice wood bookshelf to top it off :) 

There are so many couches out there but I think my favorites (that are not over the top expensive) are from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. They actually make the couches look quite pretty. Even the names make me want to buy them. There are a few that really have a nice style to them without being overbearing. I like that some have slipcovers as well because when you've got kids and cats, slipcovers are gold.

Here are a few of my favs. Sorry the picts look a bit blurry. Check out the site for better picts and more couches.

ok in any room

love the legs

pure and simple


Steph said...

hadn't thought of them -- thanks for the idea. do you like any of the restoration hardware couches? thought those were sort of nice, too. and check out these -- oy!so many choices!

Danielle M Rodger said...

i like the ciscobrothers a lot...they seem a bit lighter than the restoration hardware ones. Good luck, i bet beautiful either way :)