Monday, March 14, 2011


I love this idea on madebyjoel today, and we are totally going to do it this afternoon. All we really need is a straw. I love projects that you dont have to go to the store for supplies. It's like finding something awesome and different to make for dinner and not having to go to the supermarket for an ingredient you will never use again, like cumin :)

This idea would be great in the kids room too. I can see a whole school of them in beautiful colors swimming over their beds.

Directions are as follows and you can find the template here...

"All you do is make the fish (using the template and the directions on the sketch below), thread the string through the straw that's inside the fish, then tape the string ends to your wall. Once it's on the string, you blow the fanned out tail and make the fish zoom down the line."


angela walker jewelry said...

Adorable! I will have to show this to my little nephews!
Health and happiness,

Steph said...

I want to see pictures of your results!