Monday, February 7, 2011


Bedtime for the kids is definitely my favorite and most difficult time of night. It's always hard because it's the end of the day and you are so so tired (and so are they), but you also get to really enjoy the kids because you know there is a nice break in your future. I find that it's always easier for me to give that extra bit of attention, read just one more book, enjoy the bubbles in the bath, and really see my kids for how completely adorable and precious they are. There is just something about kids in PJ's all snuggled up cozy in their's so hard to say no to them, you just want to eat em up! Tonight was one of those dreamy nights you hope you remember when your kids are all grown up.

Night time always makes kids rooms look so magical too. I had a lot of fun decorating Leas room. I think it's really important to keep a kids room fun and colorful, but also to make it a place you would want to be in ...cause your in it a lot! I love having a couch in their rooms. Not only is it great to sleep in on the sick nights, but it makes story time great when the whole family can read together comfortably. Also to use a good eclectic mix of furniture from a variety of sources makes it feel less styled and more homey, but still decorated. OH and dont forget the swing! Didn't you always want a swing in your room when you were little??

sleep tight xo
swing and pillow from abc, chair from beall and bell, rug from ballard, couch from ikea

have fun with little girl details. artwork by lea age 1 :)

curtains from Urban Outfitters. quilt from abc

pillow from John Robshaw

decorated plane with lea from Greenport Art and Design.
lights made by Megan from White Flower (egg carton cutouts over lights)

artwork Ruby Beets

sleep tight xo


Michelle said...

What about the MONSTER BEAR!?

Roberta said...

My son and daughter-in-law have created the best bedtime ritual (which is really what the kids need) by a bath and story every nite no matter where they are! Since they travel a lot, the transition is so much easier! Their rooms are so bright and friendly, just wish they had room for a big comfy chair in each room!

linda @ bushel and a pickle said...

Cannot agree with Roberta more. Just today my soon to be 11 year old girl told me it made her sad I didn't sing to her anymore. Dad still is reading most nights. We have had a less than terrific move and change in our routine is all part of the not smoothness. Keep it up!