Monday, February 14, 2011

greenport on ice

One of the really great new additions to Greenport over the past couple of years, is the new winter skating rink. I have always said I want to take Lea there, but always been a bit nervous if she's too young and how it would all go. It's also just so hard to motivate in the winter to do something new! BUT, this past weekend papa and I took her and it was awesome, she was a champ. The rink was so great with a little shack to get your rentals and helmet. They had bars for young kids to hold and it was so not crowded. It was cheap and easy, no lines, no fuss. They played music and it was so nice to be outside in the middle of town, right by the harbor, ice skating. It was a beautiful scene and a definite must if you come out here in the winter.

Greenport carousel in background, another wonderful addition to the town

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