Thursday, February 3, 2011

want a family vacation??

I thought I would post this great site Family Getaway for all people out there sick of the winter and needing to vacate! I remember when Cookie magazine was around and they always had these great ideas for family vacations. It's really hard to find a classy place that's suitable for kids and they did a pretty good job at finding some! Well this site does just that. It has great packages and great escapes of all kinds and you don't have to go to "sesame street hotel" in order to have a getaway everyone would enjoy :)


Rio de Janeiro



Dagmar said...

We just came back from the Maldives and it is a un-spoilt piece of paradise..although we don't have any yourng children any more it is a great place for friendly, great food, wonderful staff and lots to do! It is a long flight and we combined it on a trip to Sri Lanka to see our first grandchild..(Canadian mom, Aussie Dad)..the weather was almost perfect in every sense of the word.. I enjoyed reading your blog!

Danielle M Rodger said...

sounds wonderful!!!Oh how I would love to get away, maybe that will be our next trip! thanks for reading:)