Friday, January 7, 2011

kitchen kraze

 so i think the most frustrating room to decorate in my house is the kitchen. you cant fill a kitchen with things you dont need just to make it pretty and you have to fill it with things that are functional and usually big and ugly. since i have been home with the kids i spend a lot of time in my house. therefore redecorating way to much. BUT! it makes me happy to be in a soothing space so I wont appologize for obsessing over something as unimportant as keeping your kitchen pretty. that being said, i have a few tips to share.

this juicer, not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, produces the most amazing juice. its pretty easy to clean and u dont have to peel ANYTHING. i mean beets, apples, carrots, anything! and its also kinda pretty, no? very big i admit but clean looking.

my new recipe i stole off my brilliant friend and cook is wonderful for anyone who needs a real pick-me-up. it is great for your skin and gives you such pure happy energy. first time i drank it i found myself dancing around my kitchen doing the "mama you a silly mama" dance.

recipe is as follows: 2.5lbs of carrots. 1 beet. 2 apples. 1/3rd a bunch of kale. YUM!

2. since i like things to be quick and easy and while still on the topic of pick-me-ups...this nepresso machine is like my third child. the coffee is so damn good and its so easy even I can use it. alsooooo very pretty.

3. ive found that a blackboard is very cute and helpful (esp one from beall and bell! the most amazing furniture store out many things you've wanted from abc home but much much cheaper)

4. lastly the little touches. keeping sugar cubes out in a pretty piece of pottery, lovely olive oil displayed rather than hiding in the cupboard, toothpicks in a pretty jar, and showing spices you never use that have great containers :) and recently I have added my kids art work to the walls to take attention away from the kitchen cabinets and granite I despise.

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