Monday, January 17, 2011

crazy for cheese

The Village Cheese Shop, on the adorable Love Lane in Mattituck, is one of my favorite treats out here. Its never too crowded so you can always take your time tasting everything. It has an amazing cheese selection and then lots of extras like spreads, fresh breads, caviar's and pickles oh my! You can sit in the adorable canopy seating area and try all of their delicious fondues and choose from their many local wines. And to top it off their staff is so helpful and friendly, they always pronounce the cheese names before I embarrass myself trying. I've never had blue cheese in the morning but I'm trying it right now. I bought St. Agur and Beemster yesterday and who knew they were so delicious at 7am.

Almost forgot to mention their coffee! Its up there with my top 3 BEST COFFEES of the NORTH FORK....
Love Lane Kitchen - Village Cheese Shop - Erik's


Anonymous said...

This just gets better and better. Pictures are sensational!!!!!!!

Doug C. said...

I certainly agree with two of your coffee choices. Don't know about Cheese Shop Coffee, as I haven't tried it, but I'll give it a spin one of these days.