Thursday, January 27, 2011

big city here we come!

I'm going into the city this weekend and I had to mention the great deal I found on VRBO. I looked at this site before for rentals in Vermont but never in the city. I found a 1 bedroom apartment for 150 a night on 11th street! Every time I go into the city it is so hard because i either end up kicking my sisters husband out for the weekend and sleeping with 3 people in a bed at her place (no offense deb), or spending 450 a night at a ridiculous hotel and having the baby sleep in the bathroom because the room itself is smaller than my closet!

i can not believe i did not find this before....actually i should not say that until i see the place, but i have a good feeling it will turn out ok.

I also noticed how they have really good deals on staying out here on the north fork! The hotels here are not cheap either and usually book up quickly. This is a great alternative.

Wish us luck!

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