Monday, January 10, 2011

design your own dinnerware

i saw this post on Remodelista today about Navone's new line for Ginori, Prova Primi; beautiful porcelain dinnerware. And it totally reminded me of my new dinnerware! I think its much nicer than mine of course and porcelain, but the great thing about mine is that I made it myself with my daughter Lea AND! it cost much much less! I went to this great new pottery place out here Greenport Art and Design and finished a set of 8 plates, salad bowls and salad plates for 200 bucks and had a fun time doing it. Its a really great idea if you are like me and just cant find the right everyday plates that you want for a decent price. It looks very white in my pictures but actually it has this grainy quality to it. Really natural looking and playful. They also have tons of other things to paint and great kids gifts.

Richard Ginori Prova Prima Dinnerware
Richard Ginori Prova Prima Dinnerware

and then mine...

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