Friday, January 21, 2011

knotted dreams

Rugs rugs rugs and more rugs. When we first bought this house all I could think about was rugs. At first we went to the lovely abc carpet and home which you really can't beat but we had a hard time accepting the fact that the rugs we loved were 4000 bucks. Luckily this amazing rug store, knotted dreams, moved into Greenport just in time. Sean, owner and my friend, has an amazing selection of incredible rugs for incredible prices. Rugs you know you would find at abc or john derian, my other favorite shop in the city. Old, new, what have you...there is so much to choose from and its just a lovely store to be in. I have filled my house with his rugs and they feel like they have been here forever.

john derian

john derian


Margitta said...

Hi Danielle! I'm your newest follower - I love what I see! :)
Greetings from Norway! Margitta

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hi dani...and WELCOME to a great community of people..when i started blogging i had no idea the friends that i would make...some are now very dear friends...

it is an amazing journey...enjoy it and WELCOME ABOARD, my friend


Dreamy Whites said...

I found you from White Flower Farmhouse...
I have Lori to thank for getting me started blogging one year ago on the 17th...

I will be sure and add you to my blog roll.
I can't wait to see your next post!
Take Care,

Dreamy Whites said...

I am sorry, I forgot to tell you your rugs are beautiful!
as well as your home!
I have been a John Derian fan for so long.
Take Care,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Welcome to blogging!
I just love the blog
world but oh my goodness
it is so easy to get
lost in all of the
beautiness out there :)


nancy said...

Love your blog. I grew up on L.I.. My mother's family is a farming family from Mattituck area and I spent many a summer there. The North Fork will always hold a big part of my heart. Left the island at 25 and now live in PA. Nothing can compare to the North Fork! How lucky you are. Nancy W.