Monday, January 10, 2011

inspiring rooms

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Sometimes its hard to put your finger on the reason you like the design of a room. For me it has to be a room I  would like to sit in for a while. I usually gravitate towards rooms with a lot of light and the decor has to be soft and organic, allowing for cozy naps, yet still interesting. A good mix of styles makes everything feel like its not trying too hard. I also love outdoor elements in an indoor room, like terracotta pots and chairs that you could see yourself sunbathing in. Linen, fireplaces, exposed brick or beams and the color blue usually do it for me as well....i think even more the reason why I dont like to be in my kitchen. Next project may have to be painting kitchen cabinets blue (CABINET PAINT Surrey #TH28) since I dont think I would mind being in Jenna Lyons' kitchen.
via domino

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