Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cushion fetish

While viewing Lonny magazine I came across this beautiful nyc apartment that I had to post about. A while ago I was obsessed with finding these tufted floor mattresses, that you see in the first picture, and never got them because the only place I could find them was on parma lilac, which is in england and costs way too much to ship over here. Lonny says its from Calypso but I cant find it on the site. It may be you have to go to the store. I just love them though in a den or loft setting. They keep the room very open and spacious, and you can keep a stylish vibe around them with more formal furniture. Once I had kids I realized life would be much easier and more fun if the whole room was like one big bed (And also that you can never have too many blankets and bags)!! We would have a lot less bruises too.

Well i did a bit of searching and found this on John Robshaw. I wish they were plain ones as well but they still look great piled up on each other. They could also be a lot of fun in a kids room.

I also really like his low shelving. It could work well housing accessible toys and books.

In the picture of the bedroom i just love the soft linens and leather butterfly chair (says from urban outfitters but I cant find it).

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